Student Programs

Seattle Academies Foundation (SAF) develops the next generation of business leaders. Also, we have opportunities for each student to stretch their comfort zone and build leadership skills. We encourage you to participate in events, programs, and leadership roles. Lastly, each member completes their MyNAFTrack as part of their membership and certification.

Programs - Schools


We provide school-based programs along with co-curricular programs to help your growth. Also, our programs focus on business, finance, hospitality & tourism, and STEM. Learn more about our programs and how they can help your career development.

Start A New Chapter - Schools


Currently, we serve three comprehensive high schools in the Greater Seattle Area. Each school is lead by a team of passionate educators who help the programs succeed. Also, each school provides leadership opportunities for its members.



The opportunities for leadership are abundant at SAF. Furthermore, we provide leadership opportunities for the Greater Seattle Area. Also, each school has leadership opportunities for youth. Take a moment to learn more about what's available to you.

Corporate Sponsorship / Sponsors / Funders - Scholarships - Matching Gift


Each year, Seattle Academies Foundation provides academic post-secondary scholarships. Also, the scholarships are only available to members of SAF. Lastly, we award one Finance scholarship and one Hospitality scholarship.

Internship Program - Internships - Professionals - Hire An Intern


Workplace learning is an important part of life and skill building. Most importantly, SAF engages local businesses to provide internships that are only available to SAF members. We encourage you to visit the job board and see what's available.

Student Resources

Student Resources

Lastly, we provide a variety of resources for our student members. These resources include mentorship, supplemental webinars, job shadows, and much more. Nonetheless, we encourage you to learn more about the resources available to you.