Hire An Intern

Hire An Intern

Hiring an intern is an important process to help decrease the workload of your team. However, if you’re new to hiring high school interns you may wonder why you should hire a high school student over a college student. Furthermore, understanding their motivations is key to the why as it alters their approach to work. Usually, college students are thinking of their internship as a stepping stone to their first job. However, for many high school students, an internship is their first real experience in a professional setting, and they will do anything to make sure your company thrives and that they put their best foot forward. Also, since they have fresh eyes, high school students ask questions that you and your team may not have thought about. Lastly, they can help you tap into new audiences and markets for your business. Nonetheless, see the Seattle Academies Foundation‘s internship process and requirements below.

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Minor Work Permit

Once you have informed us of your interest you will need to apply for a minor work permit. However, don’t worry, our team will work with your team through the process. Furthermore, you will need to obtain a Minor Work Permit endorsement through your Business License Application prior to hiring a minor. Also, you must post your Business License with current minor work permit endorsement in the facility.

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Internship compensation requirements.

Seattle Academies Foundation and NAF require all internships provided to be paid. Furthermore, in limited cases for nonprofit organizations, we cover the costs of the intern’s compensation. Also, all interns need to be paid minimum wage as outlined by our state and city guidelines. Internships should be either 120 hours (minimum requirement) or 180 hours (preferred hour total) and need to be completed within the grading period. Lastly, students who complete 180 hours in their internship are eligible for high school course credit.

Parent Authorization

Parent/Guardian Authorization.

Part of your employment process for youth is gaining parent/guardian authorization. Furthermore, you must have the minor’s parent or legal guardian authorization before they can work. Also, the school must complete an authorization form. However, our team will work with the youth’s family and school to have both documents completed and provide copies to you. Lastly, these forms must be kept in the youth’s employee file.

Record Keeping

Record Keeping.

With all employees, you need to keep records of your employee. Furthermore, before the youth begins working you must obtain proof of their age. This includes a copy of a birth certificate, driver’s license, baptismal record, or a notarized statement from the parent or legal guardian. However, we will make sure the youth brings the appropriate documentation for your records. Lastly, you must keep information for 3-years such as employee name, address, occupation, dates of employment, rate(s) of pay, the amount paid each pay period and the hours worked. These records must be available to the employee on request at any reasonable time.

Hire An Intern

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